Sunflower, the flower of the sun

It follows the sun from the first moment it rises until it sets. So we at Euroblinds made the sun our friend, watching it and learning all its secrets. When it can be friendly and when it can be dangerous.

At Euroblinds, we possess the technical knowledge to offer you the best shading solution for your internal and external needs. So you can have this friend whenever you wish.

Наша цель – предложить высококачественные технологичные системы затенения,

а также обучить специалистов в этой области рациональному управлению солнечным светом, опираясь на доверие наших клиентов и наши антропоцентрические ценности.

поговорить с теневым консультантом


лет опыта


клиентов ежегодно


центров затенения


консультантов по затенению

Подпишитесь на нашу рассылку

не пропускайте наши новости,
конкурсы или специальные предложения.


Child Safety

Euroblinds, a company that is highly sensitive to safety issues following EU directives, has been deeply involved in the subject and suggests the following for the safety of your child

• Cords, chains and straps used in the shade control mechanisms must be placed in accordance with specific safety instructions and safety devices for children.

• If the installation is not in accordance with the safety instructions then there is a risk of strangling the children. Keep the instructions for future reference


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