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Learn about our products from specialised Shading Advisors

By visiting one of our 6 Shading Centres across Cyprus, you will discover Euroblinds’ prime Shading Systems and get help from specialised Shading Advisors.

Focusing on your real needs, we provide functional and aesthetic solutions that will transform your space.

Epitopou Dokimii

In site testing of any shading system in our Shading Centre.

In Euroblinds’ Shading Centres you will find a full range of Shading Systems, thus having the chance to try them in situ and imagine them in your own space.

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Accurate measuring, tailored to your space

A specialised Shading Advisors will visit your house or facilities and offer free advice and accurate measuring, ensuring that your preferred Shading System will be constructed in the ideal dimensions.

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Delivery to your House or Establishment

Wherever you are across Cyprus, Euroblinds’ team will deliver our superior Shading Systems to your house or business establishment.

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Installation, checking & operation tips

The experienced team of our Installers will install your chosen Shading Systems, check and explain their function and operation, and make sure they indeed are the ideal solution for your house or establishment, bringing out its charm and character.

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