Dirty Venetian Blinds? See How You Can Make Them Shine Again!

16 March 2018

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No matter their charming, impressive looks, Venetian blinds, the more beauty they breathe when new, the more disappointment and frustration they cause when covered in dust, dirt, salts and other impurities! What makes things even worse is the impression that they are difficult to clean, while, on the other hand, we wish to avoid harsh detergents or cleaning products and corrode their surface.

If you are troubled by such thoughts, you are reading the right article. We know the easiest, most economical and fast way to keep your Venetian blinds clean - and we present it in this article!

What You’ ll Need

You won’t need any expensive cleaning materials; on the contrary, they are easy to find and rather cheap. You will need:

  • a white, clean sock or cotton cloth;
  • a basin or a large bowl;
  • a small bottle of white vinegar or dish detergent;
  • Plenty of fresh water; a hose with a high-pressure nozzle is even better.

Cleaning them Up

H process is pretty simple: Pour in the bowl equal quantities of water and vinegar and then mix them up thoroughly with a stick or a spatula (a clean one). If you intend to use dish detergent, make sure you pour a much smaller quantity.

Then, place your hand inside the sock and soak it again and again in the mixture. Then rub the blinds surface softly until they resume their first glint.

If you have used vinegar, you won’t even need to wash them down. Just leave them to dry out! If you used a detergent, then you will have to wash them down with plenty of water; if detergent residues remain on their surface and dry out, they will be covered with stains.

Not too difficult, right? Now that spring is near, afford your blinds the glint and cleanness they deserve.


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